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Mission & pillars

OUR Mission

Provide leadership to help business grow and Kansas City prosper – making KC the best place to live, work, start a business and grow a business.

7 pillars

At the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, we are open and clear about our organizational values. We want our current and prospective members, the communities in which we live and serve, and the governing officials with whom we interact to know of these values and to judge our merit as an organization by the strength and consistency with which our deeds match our words.
Our system of guiding principles and tenets are defined within the following 7 Pillars:
  1. LEAD: We are the leader of the Greater KC business community.
  2. ADVANCE: We are dedicated to advancing the growth of business and the economy.
  3. ADVOCATE: We advocate for our regional community locally and globally.
  4. COLLABORATE: We promote diversity, inclusion, and collaboration.
  5. CONNECT: We connect people, community, and commerce.
  6. CHAMPION: We are a member-centric organization focused on championing our members with innovative and visionary thought leadership.
  7. EMPOWER: We value our team and empower them in their roles with the KC Chamber.